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A huge collection of hot screensavers are free to download such as the world's ideal girlfriend, Jessica Alba's screensaver.
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Hot Cars ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Hot Celebrity ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Jennifer Lopez ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
Hot Cars ScreenSaver Hot Celebrity ScreenSaver Jennifer Lopez ScreenSaverscreensaver heaven N7
The most beautiful works of automotive brilliance are presentment to you one after another after another in the Cars screensaver. They're sexy, they're beautiful, they're famous, they're just plain hot, and they're all in this Hot Celebrities screensaver. Get J-Lo and her rear-end at their finest and on your screen with this Jennifer Lopez screensaver.
 4 screensaver heaven R8    
Jessica Alba ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Paris Hilton ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Waterfall ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
Jessica Alba ScreenSaver Paris Hilton ScreenSaver0 screensaver heaven Q9 Waterfall ScreenSaver
The world's ideal girlfriend is here to help make your day go by a little more smoothly in this Jessica Alba screensaver. Everyone's favorite rich girl is strutting her stuff in this Paris Hilton screensaver. Gorgeous photos of cascading water from around the world help set a relaxing mood on your computer thanks to this Waterfalls screensaver.4 screensaver heaven F10
3d Scenery ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Angelina Jolie ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Autumn ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
3d Scenery ScreenSaver Angelina Jolie ScreenSaver Autumn ScreenSaverscreensaver heaven N11
Leap into a perfect world of 3-Dimensional landscapes and renderings with this 3D screensaver. Get the best of the sexy, dark-haired temptress with this Angelina Jolie screensaver featuring dozens of her best photos. This Autumn screensaver allows you to see the vibrant colors of the gorgeous fall foliage all year long.
 screensaver heaven U12    
Bikini Girls ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Brad Pitt Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Britney Spears ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
Bikini Girls ScreenSaver Brad Pitt Screensaver7 screensaver heaven U13 Britney Spears ScreenSaver
Nothing complements a break from work like the sexy babes in bikinis featured in this Bikini screensaver. Nothing says superstar more than Brad Pitt and now he's a doting father to boot! Download this fun collection of Brad pics and Eyetide will keep you filled up to date with new photos as he makes the news!screensaver heaven W14 See Britney evolve from a pretty little schoolgirl to a world-class sex symbol in this Britney Spears screensaver.
Christina Aguilera ScreenSaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Eric Bana Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Fourth of July Fireworks Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
Christina Aguilera ScreenSaver Eric Bana Screensaver4 screensaver heaven W15 Fourth of July Fireworks Screensaver
See the Latin phenomenon in all her glory (and in all her hair colors) in this Christina Aguilera screensaver. The Hulk, Troy, Munich, what's next for this rising star? Follow Eric Bana's stellar career with this updating collection of images from Eyetide! Celebrate the 4th of July with this perfect screensaver with this awesome fireworks display.4 screensaver heaven C16
Living Cell 3D Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Magic Forest 3D  Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Matthew McConaughey Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
Living Cell 3D Screensaver Magic Forest 3D Screensaverscreensaver heaven G17 Matthew McConaughey Screensaver
Do you want to see what goes on inside living cells? This is really something spectacular! Install Living Cell 3D screensaver and turn your desktop into the eye-piece of a powerful microscope. You will see how numerous particles move about performing their little but extremely important functions. Once you dive inside the nucleus you will be able to watch the DNA molecule rotating around its axis.2 screensaver heaven F18 Let this extraordinary screensaver take you to the deepest part of the magic forest, where the trees resemble chubby goblins and careless fireflies rush around in their night dance. Mysterious creatures move in the dark cloaked by the dense fog and only the bright campfire seems to welcome you with its friendly light. There is plenty of firewood piled up nearby and a hatchet stuck in the log. A large backpack and a shotgun placed against the tree suggest that there must be someone else here. But where is that brave camper? Matthew McConaughey is a hot star that continues to rise. Stay on top of his continued acting success with Eyetide's updating collection of gorgeous images!
 screensaver heaven I19    
Mountain Lake 3D Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Night City 3D Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Planet Earth 3D Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
Mountain Lake 3D Screensaver Night City 3D Screensaver7 screensaver heaven U20 Planet Earth 3D Screensaver
Bathe in the warm sun rays as you travel around this beautiful mountain lake. Enjoy the view of the lush greenery on the banks contrasting with the quiet chill of the water and the mountains on the horizon. The reflections on the surface of the lake have a truly mesmerizing effect and the crystal clear water looks absolutely amazing.screensaver heaven H21 The bright lights of the night city are inviting! This fascinating animated 3D screensaver will take you on a fly-by tour around the streets of the city that never goes to sleep. The dazzling neon signs and the brilliantly floodlit buildings produce a powerful effect against the dark of the sky above. Take a look at night life from a distance and enjoy watching the alluring urban nightscape over the water. The screensaver features extremely realistic innovative 3D graphics with the latest Vertex and Pixel shaders. Beautiful ambient music perfectly compliments the scenery. Enjoy the splendor of the city at night! Space tourism is only available to exceptionally wealthy people. Among its primary attractions is the awesome and thrilling feeling of looking at the Earth from space described by all astronauts as extremely intense and mind-boggling. This screensaver provides a unique opportunity to do that without having to pay 20 million dollars. You will actually get to see more than a 'regular' space tourist. It is a fantastically realistic 3D model that also has enchanting views of the Moon and well-known constellations like Orion and the Big Dipper. Great educational content!screensaver heaven K22
American Idol Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Angelina Jolie Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven) Chad Michael Murray Screensaver (Topic: screensaver heaven)
American Idol Screensaver Angelina Jolie Screensaverscreensaver heaven E23 Chad Michael Murray Screensaver
Now you can watch the world's most popular contest unfold in full screen drama on your desktop! Automatically receive new images each week of the remaining contestants! This amazing actress is beautiful and committed. In addition to her remarkable Hollywood career, Jolie contributes considerable attention to her charitable work. Earning upwards of $10 million per film helps her to fund her humanitarian efforts. On the personal side, a divorce from Billy Bob Thornton and Jolie's affair with Brad Pitt have kept her in the News!screensaver heaven B24 This actor has big future written all over him! Watch his steady rise to fame with this FREE screensaver collection of gorgeous full screen images!
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